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Yonder Mountain String Band Live at Wilbert's At Diamondback on 1999-10-12

Topics Live concert

01 instrumental
02 I'll Never Love Anybody But You
03 Blue Ridge Cabin Home
One Long Set:
04 band intro banter...
05 On the Run
06 Freeborn Man
07 disorderly conduct banter...
08 Left Me In A Hole
09 Elevation banter...
10 This Lonesome Heart
11 Half Moon Rising
12 Brown Mountain Light
13 Goldrush
14 Yes She Do (No She Don't)
15 "just say no to crack, remember that..."
16 High On A Hilltop
17 Boatman >
18 The Bolton Stretch
19 fox-related banter...
20 Eight Cylinders
21 Shady Grove

01 brewer's banter...
02 Goin' Up
03 Nellie Kane
04 Remington's Ride
05 stump the band...
06 The Children Are Crying
07 "alright, we're comin' down..."
Unplugged acoustic off-stage:
08 Crazy Train
09 Keep On Going >
10 007 (Shantytown) >
11 Legalize It >
12 Keep On Going
13 Blue Moon Of Kentucky
14 Dawgwood
15 more Elevation banter...
16 Darkness & Light
17 a little history: The Spudboys, Treeful Of Pigs, & Chump Su Pick...
18 40 Miles From Denver
19 "thank you for taping tonight..."
20 Big Mon
21 The Tie That Binds
22 "uno mas..." (yeah, but what?)
23 I'll Stay Around

Collection YonderMountainStringBand
Band/Artist Yonder Mountain String Band
Venue Wilbert's At Diamondback
Location Cleveland, OH

Source Audio Technica AT-851 mics (hypercardioid) > Sony SBM-1 > D8
Lineage DATm > Tascam DA-20mkII > Audiophile 2496/HD > Sound Forge 6.0 (edits, fades, level adjusts, norm'd to -16dB) > CD Wave Editor (track splits) > flac frontend
Taped by Tom Reid
Transferred by Pastor Tim


* unplugged and offstage
Scheduled to open for Smokin'Grass. When they didn't show up, YMSB played non-stop for about 2.5 hours.

There was a DAT tape change between "Keep On Going" & "Blue Moon of KY," but no music was lost.

"Just say no to crack."
-- Jeff, on the intermittent PA problems

SUPPORT THESE FINE MUSICIANS BY GOING OUT & BUYING A FEW OF THEIR CD'S! It's the least you can do for the people who support your taping & trading habits. Besides, all their releases ROCK! ; ^{ ) } =>+


Tom Reid writes of the night:
Wilbert's used to be the best club in Cleveland. It was an odd little blues joint squeezed between the old bricks of a narrow factory basement atop the hill leading into the Flats, with exactly three tables facing the front of the stage. Along with weekly gigs by Robert Lockwood Jr. (Robert Johnson's stepson and Cleveland's pipeline to the delta), bluegrass and jambands would periodically turn up. Zero played a legendary show in the room, and the Austin Lounge Lizards twice displayed their full comic genius there. But sometime last summer promoter Mike Miller ran afoul of the landlord in a dispute about whether he needed to pay the rent for several consecutive months and, just in time to escape eviction, Miller moved the operation to a more spacious room on the third floor of a trendy brewpub across from the baseball diamond.
One of the first acts he booked there was Smokin' Grass. But they didn't show up.
I think the opener was given a choice of whether to play their hour for the sparse crowd. Some outfit called the Yonder Mountain String Band. Never heard of 'em, but with a name like that they've gotta be good, right? The very title seemed to imply both a sense of humor about, and a healthy respect for, traditional hillbilly music of the Appalachians. A pretty apt moniker, as it turned out.
They played. Oh, how they played!
Non-stop for nearly three hours they laid it out for about fifty of us gathered around. YMSB showed themselves to be first and foremost a bluegrass band, pure as a mountain stream and steeped in tradition without so much as an electric bass. But they jam pretty hard. Most bluegrass bands don't play 'Little Maggie' for 20 minutes or bop through a Peter Tosh number in the middle of one of their own. Or cover an Ozzy Osborne song at all. The group played the last half-hour off-stage amidst the tables without amplification "to let you hear what the music is supposed to sound like." We came home and listened to the tapes for days, trying to get a grip on this curious new and different sound that yet somehow harkened back to something old and familiar.

Tom's final note to tapers:
Always tape a band if they'll let you, even if you've never heard of them, because they might be brilliant like these guys.

See Tom's complete review at:


"Thank you for taping tonight. It means so much to have folks come to these shows and tape this stuff. It's like the biggest flattery... it just means a lot. It's very neat. I have a very young strong childhood connection with seeing a sea-full of tape-stands at many, many, many, many Grateful Dead shows. So, to think that someone would actually come and tape our music is very, very flattering... a great compliment to give to any group of musicians. So spread it around!"
-- Jeff Austin, during the off-stage portion

(Tom, thanks for your great patience in loaning these masters...)

"Ah never mind, just erase that part..." (chuckle...)


Reviewer: TWENTYEYES - - April 11, 2014
Subject: Solid Show
The boys pick it fast and play hard the whole way through. Great early show with lots of background from the band. Great bluegrass crowd which the band has fun interacting with.
Reviewer: MonValleyPudge - - March 18, 2014
Subject: I was lucky enough to be here....
So I bought this ticket from TicketMaster to see Smokin' Grass in Cleveland; I'm from Pittsburgh. I was going to see an old friend and thought a night out listening to bluegrass would be fun. When we entered the pub, 4-5 guys were there ready to take our tickets; which seemed odd. They were shocked to see the tix; looked them over, front & back; then proceeded to tell us that the promoter didn't sell enough tix and wouldn't pay them (Smokin' Grass) to play BUT YMSB (the opener) would be taking care of us for the evening. And boy did they.... I'll never forget this show: how I discovered YSMB!!!

Thanks for the recording!!!
on 9/22/2005
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: Soundboard
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: SBD (xlr out) > V3 (optical out) > Nomad JB3 @ 44.1 khz
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: Aud
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: SBD > Sony SBM1 > DAT
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: AKG c34 > S42 > Sonosax > Mod SBM-1 > D-10 Pro
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: Studio Projects LSD2 (cards x/y 90*, fob, dfc)> Lunatec V3 (24bit/96k)> PDAudio-CF> iPaq 3835 (Live2496, Addonics Pocket ExDrive)
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
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Source: Neumann SKM-184s > Denecke PS-2 > ony SBM-1@44.1 > Sony PCM-M1
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: Soundboard
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
Source: B&K 4022's > Sonosax > AD2K > HHB1Pro
Yonder Mountain String Band
by Yonder Mountain String Band
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Source: Peluso CEMC6/ck2 > BM2 Mod UA-5 > JB3 (loc: OTS 70' from stage, 12' split omnis)